Can Power Washing Be Eco-Friendly?

Can Power Washing Be Eco-Friendly?


Whether you recycle every week or not, you can’t deny that the idea of being eco-friendly is extremely popular. We’re seeing a big uptick in the number of companies who tout their eco-friendly practices, eco-conscious methods, or “green tips and tricks”. But what about every time you hire a power washing company like Sparkling Clean of East Texas? Can power washing be eco-friendly? 


In short, the answer is yes. 


For more information, here’s the top three ways that Sparkling Clean Exteriors of East Texas puts a focus on not just quality but also the environment.


Power-Washing Meets Eco-Conscious: 


1. Water Conservation

We have to follow strict guidelines when we set up our equipment and prepare to soft-wash a house or soft-was a roof. We block off things like storm drains to keep any run off out of the public water table and we filter and reuse the captured water as often as possible. 


2. Chemicals Matter

We use eco-friendly soft-wash and power-washing materials on every project we do. In fact, when we power-wash boat docks and decks, we make sure to use cleaners and chemicals that don’t damage the water ph balances, won’t encourage the growth of certain algaes and won’t damage the wood. 


3. Protect and Clean, Don’t Replace:

Maintaining the big items in our lives like our roofing, home siding, docks, and driveways is the best way to save costs and help the environment. Preservation and conservation uses less materials and natural resources than starting over every few years.


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