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We'll Can Clean and Restore your Fence!

Our fence cleaning & restoration services turn your worn-down fence into something that looks brand new! Has your fence turned dull, gray and weathered looking? Wood fences are subjected to the harsh elements all year round which can result in a dull, weathered and worn out appearance. Let us restore the true, natural beauty to your fence. Our safe and effective fence cleaning method washes away that embedded layer of dirt, grime, and organic growth so your  fence can return to being a beautiful part of your property and outdoor living environment.

We restore & protect from:


The sunlight especially when intense produces a large amount of harmful ultra violet radiation which leads to discoloration on the surface of your fence, dries out the woods resins, causing it to grey and become brittle


Your unprotected wood absorbs rain causing it to retain moisture. This is a breeding ground for for fungus, mold and mildew. These microscopic organisms can cause your wood to decompose.


Microscopic organisms that form when your fence is exposed to moisture can cause your wood fence to rot and impact their overall appearance. Our services can help protect your wood fence from fungus, mold and mildew.

We can clean different types of surfaces

We clean multiple surfaces including wood, composite fences and vinyl fences.

Removal of dirt, grime, mold & algae.

Our fence cleaning method rids your fence's exterior from unwanted dirt, grime, mold & algae.

Safe Low-Pressure Soft Wash Method

Our low pressure fence cleaning method protects your fence from undue damage.

Our Promise


After every job, before you make payment, our crew leaders will offer to do a complete walk through of your cleaned exterior. If you notice anything that you are not satisfied with, they will take care of it immediately!

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