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We'll Make Your Paver Sparkling Clean!

Restoring the rich color & beauty of your brick pavers greatly improves your home’s appeal. Over time pavers can become dirty, dull, faded and have weed that grow between them. Our exterior cleaning company has the proper equipment and experience to make them look like new. We consider several aspects of your natural stone such as its type coat and seal. Using eco-friendly products, our experts can restore the rich and luxurious look to your East Texas home’s stone surfaces and structures.

Professional Sealing & Protection

Because pavers are porous, unsealed pavers absorb water creating a good environment for mildew & mold growth. Unsealed pavers readily absorb substances such as grease & oil. Our professional sealing restores beauty and color while shielding them from natural elements in texas such as sunlight and rain.

Keep your pavers free from dirt, grime, mold & algae.

Quite often many pavers are stained with contaminants such as dirt, grime, mold & algae. Our intensive pavecleaning method rids your pavers from unwanted dirt, grime, mold & algae.

Our Promise


After every job, before you make payment, our crew leaders will offer to do a complete walk through of your cleaned exterior. If you notice anything that you are not satisfied with, they will take care of it immediately!

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