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There are many consideration you should take when hiring a contractor to clean your property’s exterior. Because failing to do so can result in money and time wasted, as well as permanent damage to your property. For this reason you want to ensure that you are working with a professional exterior cleaning company that has all the proper accreditation and equipment needed to clean your property effectively. Furthermore, that they are able to perform the work safely and effectively without damaging your property.

Are they a professional company who’s licensed and insured should there be an accident?

Sparkling Clean of East Texas is professional licensed and insured in the State of Texas able to perform exterior cleaning work on your property.Our technicians have all the specialized skills, knowledge and experience required to carry out any cleaning job in a safe manner and effectively use pressure washing tools.

Are they trained and knowledgeable in the proper “soft washing” techniques to ensure your home or property is not damaged?

High pressure power washing performed on the wrong surface can result in costly damage to your property. We understand the importance of your investment and treat the exterior of your home like our own. Our technicians have the experience and are well versed at determining when and when not to use high pressure. On delicate surfaces, we employ a safe but effective low pressure “soft washing” exterior cleaning technique.

Are they aware that pressure washing alone will not kill or remove algae, mold, and mildew?

In many cases, your home’s roof and exterior is not only dirty, it’s infested. Infested with organisms that affect your homes appearance and property value. These pests are algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria. They will eat and destroy wood, deteriorate siding and roofing materials, and retain heat. Simply put it’s an infestation that is costing you money.

Are they using products that are friendly to our environment?

Sparkling Clean of East Texas is an eco-friendly exterior cleaning company. All of the chemicals we use are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and approved by OSHA and the EPA.

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